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Design System

One of the biggest players in creating consistent and reusable designs.


Design systems serve multiple purposes: representing a brand, encompassing the needs of a product, and at the same time bridging the gap between design and development through tokens and components.

*For the sake of keeping company work private, I've rebranded and reorganized all items*


UI Design of Visual Guide

Team of 3, working closely with Lead Designer.


Marketing software company



To start,

create a set of design guidelines that fit user requirements and best practices that can later be translated into a coded system. The company had a unique position of creating a design system with tokens that can be re-branded for different clients.

Key factors were communication and connection. The goal was to be a structured mediator between the client's brands and the final developed product in order to speed up processes. The lead designer promoted reusability and efficiency at every step.

Using sketch symbols

We primarily used Sketch App with Abstract for version control and sharing within the team.


I worked on the maintenance of symbols, additions of new components, upgrading and styling themes based on client requests, and improvements to the system or layout of communication.


A couple of things I learned from this was:

1. Wow, the levels of symbol overrides in Sketch!

2. Design systems are a slow and evolving process towards a well-defined product that takes different departments coming together to build something way beyond the initial plan.


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